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19 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Iran!

Here are the reasons why you should visit Iran as soon as possible and overcome all of your doubts:

  1. Travelling to Iran is safe

For many years, news services and social media tried to portray Iran as a very dangerous country and a threaten against global peace it takes long to wash away this unfair and untruly picture of this beautiful, ancient and safe country.

  1. Friendly and helpful People

Iranian’s modest, friendly and helpful character are admired and regarded as a valuable social achievement by foreigners. Let them to be proud of this important moral strength and share it with the others.

  1. The Great History of Iran

Iran has a great history, if you are in doubt it’s enough to open one of your historical book can see the name of this country mentioned as the second world civilization centre after Mesopotamia. Besides this brilliant history, Iran has a very great place in prehistory studies and archaeological projects.

  1. World Heritage Sites in Iran

Twenty-two cultural and two natural properties of Iran inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. About 56 Sites are on the Tentative List. Follow the link to be familiar with all of them

  1. Geography & Weather

Iran has an exotic geography and climate that is the reason why one of the popular titles of this country is ‘’four- season’’. For example, in September, when it is still raining in the north and northwest; the west is cold and snowy but in central and southern Iran people put their T-shirts on to get away from the hot weather outside.

  1. The Unending Persian Hospitality & Compliment (Ta’arof)

It means people offer you something like food or ask you to not pay for something because its common in Iran. Originally this characteristic of Iranians come from some religious morals advised them to be generous and kind especially to strangers. Watch out! Sometimes they don’t actually mean it but if they insist or repeat it over three times then you can accept it.

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  1. Food That Sends You to the Heaven (And Never Back)

All the people couldn’t be master in cooking but all of Iranians including, Men, women, girls and boys know how to cook at least one of the Iranian food very well. Because Iranian mothers put their effort into teaching their children the mysterious and magical orders of Persian cooking.

  1. Mastering the Art of Wearing a Scarf

The Hijab has become compulsory after 1979 Revolution. By this, women are required to wear loose-fitting clothing and a headscarf in public but don’t worry it doesn’t mean wearing burqa. If you have one or more scarf at home and don’t know how to use them ask an Iranian to teach you many ways of wearing it.

  1. To be familiar with the Iranian literature

Iran is the centre of Persian language which is still spoken in some countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan. It is a good opportunity to experience ‘’One Thousand and One Nights’’ and get drown in Iran poems, stories and hymns.


  1. Visiting Half the World (No, really!)

The strategic location of Iran makes this country very important in global relationships, therefore, we call this country ‘’The bridge between the west and east’’. This geographic location worked as a gate so brought a lot of ideas and traditions from every nation to this country which has become an especial product that we know as Iranian culture and art. If you want to see at least half of the world in a country, Iran looks your best choice.

  1. Deserts and sand hills Landscapes

Above we mentioned Iran as a four-Season country so that you will expect to travel to a country where the seas, mountains, rivers, forests and even deserts provide major attractions for millions visitors of visitors annually. Dasht-e Kevir, the great salt desert and Dashte-e Lut are the two interior deserts of Iran. Dasht-e Lut was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2016. The deserts have been divided into different areas with different features. If you want an authentic Iranian experience and some outdoor adventure, consider desert camping as a part of your travel plan so that you can stay in resorts; camp under the stars; and dine with local desert inhabitants.

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  1. Picturesque Valleys and Endless Roads

Iran is home to the picturesque landscapes and phenomena. Especially due to its topography this country has a variety of valleys and roads leading to them such as Stars Valley, Rainbow Valley, kool khersan, Shamkhal valley and many others.

  1. Iran spectacular wildlife

Iran wildlife includes flora and fauna and their natural habitats. The most famous members of wildlife in Iran are Asiatic Cheetah, Iranian Bustard, Pistachio forests, Oak forests and Caspian Hyrcanian forests.

  1. Architecture

Iranian architecture covers Iran and a great part of Asia. Its history dates back to at least 5,000 BC Persian buildings vary from mosques, temples, places, mansions, gardens, pavilions and many others. Iranian architecture includes a great variety of techniques, traditions and experience.

  1. Handicraft

The skilful ways to make things in combination to Iranian art has led to the creation of artworks named Iranian crafts or handicraft. The most popular ones are Persian carpets and weaving; Persian miniature; metal works; woodworks like Iranian moarraq; pottery and ceramic.

  1. Visit Iran because it’s still cheap

Due to the currency and current economic sanctions, Iran looks a very cheap destination for many people especially who lives in developed countries. The cost of food, transport, and accommodation is easy on the wallet. You can travel in this country by spending at most 20$ per day. Iran is also a great country for backpackers.

  1. If you are interested in deep conversation

Iranians are warm people, let you know about them, they look completely confident about themselves so don’t be afraid to ask Iranians about their life and ideas. You can start by mentioning the weather.

  1. You will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere

If you need to spend your holiday in a country to provide calm and quiet areas for every seasons. Choose Iran, because of its vast blue seas, green forests, paradise gardens, warm deserts, high mountains, gentle rivers and lakes.

  1. To learn about Zoroastrians

Zoroastrianism, the ancient pre-Islamic religion of Iran and prophet Zoroaster are widely known outside Iran. Within your travelling, you will have this opportunity to be in touch with one of the most important religions of the ancient world and the aspects related to it like Zoroastrian architecture, symbols, literature and traditions.

Wherever you travel in Iran, make sure that you will get back home with the loveliest memories, gifts and Iranian souvenirs. Those memories don’t fade out because you can’t forget the most welcoming people and their warm hospitality.

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