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Cycle travelling, the start of an adventure on your bike

If you enjoy adventure, biking can be fun and exciting. Although most of us prefer to travel by plane, train, car or bus, cycle travelling attracts the attention of many tourists. In some ways, travelling by bicycle seems more difficult than other vehicles. For example, it’s essential for the passenger to physically be prepared for the journey, they couldn’t carry heavy packages and very strong motivation is needed. But there are many opportunities in this kind of travelling. It lets the tourists to nearly feel the atmosphere of an area, the people, culture, natural beauties or you can join their ceremonies or special events. 

How long do you want to go?

It quite depends on you and your plan, maybe you take only one month off or a year. It relies on your physical ability, distance, routes, travel style and your goals. Normally, you can ride for 100 km if your package is lighter than 9 kg, the route is straight and you are in a good health and decent shape. To pass about 85 km, you can carry a package between 9 to 20 kg. but if the route looks hard and mountainous the distance reduces by half.

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travel alone or in a group?

It’s very important you decided to travel alone or with a travelling companion.  It’s better to travel in a group, it is safer and more enjoyable besides to have similar interests and passion to make your travel more delightful.

Essential Equipment for cycle travelling:

What you definitely need is:

Safety: first aid kit, helmet, comfortable saddle, luggage carrier, rear-view mirror, chain lock, flasher and light.

Documents: passport, visa, identity card, license.

Food and drink: snacks, sweets, chocolate, water.

Cloths: shoes, reflective clothing, comfortable pants, cycling gloves, sweater, waterproof pants, suitable shoes, socks, underwear, a biker jacket.

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