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Avoid getting rejected at your arrival

There is always the risk of visa rejection at the airport to enter every country but fortunately, only less than 5% of Iranian visa application won’t be accepted.

Cheaper than on arrival visa

There is a considerable cost difference between obtaining E- visa and getting visa at the airport.


Easy and Fast

Fill in the visa application form, get the authorization code within 3 days and avoid being trapped in the paper chase.

Fill in the online visa application form

Fill in the online form and then upload required documents. It will take less than 10 minutes long.


Payment includes, (Visa application fee: It varies between countries) + (Company’s service: 25€)

Receive your authorization code within 3 business days

It takes only 3 business days to receive your visa authorization code simple and accurate.

Collect your visa at an Iranian embassy/airport when you arrive in Iran

Authorization code serves as a confirmation from Iranian foreign ministry, so that after getting it you can be certain about the process and collect your visa at an Iranian Embassy, Consulate or Airport.

Best Price Guarantee

Having a Successful background in obtaining E- visa for a large number of travellers, Miniyatour offers you reasonable and guaranteed prices.

Securitized Payment

All your payments will be transferred through Miniature’s secure and verified Electronic Portals.

Easy process and Fast answering

We consider the best but easiest ways to manage your journey, our agents are 24- hours ready to respond to your inquiries and offer you any guidance you need.

Contact with Experienced Travel Consultant

Miniyatour’s experienced travel advisors and consultants are ready to answer all of your requirements. For detailed information, make a connection to our service.

Our travellers choose us for:

Easy application, fast service, creativity, commitment, reliable agents, guaranteed prices, professional team are always our forte to do our mission at the best.

The places you’ll stay

There is a variety of accommodation in every cities of Iran, we would manage your accommodation based on your budget and preference.

Knowledge and expertise

Miniyatour is an experienced travel company. We work with you to manage all elements of your travel inbound and outbound. It will make no difference whether you travel on business or leisure, our professional team with more than 10 years’ experience committed to help our clients at the best.

Our tailor-made touch

We consider a tailor-made plan for our clients, within you will make the itineraries of your tour, then we arrange services to fit your wishes. A tailor-made tour is a personal planning service, in order of preference, you will give us some information either in detail or short (based on your interest and pocket).

Our leaders on the ground

Based on required services. a professional tour guide) with the language in question (will accompany you during your travelling.

Miniyatour’s  commitment

Our commitment to providing a safe, satisfying and sincere travelling for our customers.  Iran is the destination of peace, original culture and natural beauties, we assure you to feel reality and honesty.

Our Vision

Our Mission

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