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Iranian Airlines

In this article we are going to give you basic information about Iranian Airlines and their Service. Iranian Airlines play an important role to improve Iran tourism, they try to enhance the quality of their service for both Iranian and foreign passengers in this country.

Kish Airlines

Kish Airlines was established in Kish Island, the free economic zone of the Persian Gulf in 1991. The airline is currently a member of IATA and has seven Boeing MD, two Airbus A320 and three Fokker 100. Kish Air is one of the safest airlines in the country that has achieved the IOSA standard. The foreign flights of this airline are currently serving destinations such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Ukraine, Iraq and turkey.

Mahan airways

Mahan Airlines started operating in 1991 by the flight from Tehran to Kerman. The airline has become one of the most popular domestic airlines due to its excellent management and perseverance as well as quality service. It operates scheduled domestic services and international flights to the Far East, Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe.


Iran Air Tour

Iran Air Tour, as part of Iran Air, was established in 1972 to develop inbound and outbound travel in Iran. The airline expanded its operations in 1991 by expanding its service and has now selected Mashhad International Airport as the center of its activities.

Aseman Airline

Aseman Airline started operations by merging the four companies, it is one of the largest airlines in the country, which mostly uses small aeroplanes. Aseman operates flights from Iran to Ankara, Dubai, Istanbul, Kabul, Kuwait and more.


Karun Airline

The Karun airlines founded in Ahvaz and operates domestic and foreign cargo, passenger scheduled and charter service in Iran and from this country to neighboring countries.

 the airline was established under the title ‘’Iranian Naft Airline’’. The company has 6 Fokker 50 and 4 Fokker 100.

Meraj airline

Meraj Airlines is one of the newest airlines in Iran, founded in 2010. Due to increased maintenance and repair capability, the airline was awarded the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) in 2007. It should be noted that this certificate was first granted to an Iranian airline. Meraj Airlines is known for its regular and quality flights in Iran.

Qeshm Airlines

Qeshm Air Airlines was established in Qeshm Island, the Persian Gulf in 1993. This airline operates scheduled domestic and international passenger services as well as charter flights. The company owns 5 Airbus A300-600R, 3 Airbus A320-200, 5 Avro RJ100 and 4 Fokker 100.

Atta Airlines

Atta Airlines was founded in 2010. It operates scheduled domestic and international services in the Middle East, as well as Europe. The company owns 1 Airbus A320-200, 1 Boeing 737-300, 1 Boeing 737-500, 3 Embraer ERJ 145ER and 8 MD-83.

Zagros Airlines

At the end of the year, Zagros began operating with two Tupolev aircraft. With great progress, Zagros was able to buy two Boeing MDs two years after it was established, and finally was succeed to operate its first international flight on the Tehran-Damascus route. Zagros currently has 21 aircraft, including Airbus 320-319 and MD Boeing.

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