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Iran’s three tallest peaks, astonishing and beautiful

Mountains are always one of the mysterious and interesting places for people to climb. They choose mountains for a variety of reasons, it’s exciting, funny, amusing. As well as the physical benefits, there are much mental health and social benefits in mountain climbing. So as a nature lover, adventurous traveller or athlete mountains could be the best destination and motivation for travelling. Iranian plateau, with its high peaks and vast mountains, is one of the most attractive places for climbers. The high mountains in different regions of Iran, with different climate and landscapes, providing an exciting opportunity for athletes and nature lovers who want to visit Iran. some of the highest mountains of Iran are well known by the tourists, respectively, Damavand, Alam Kuh and Sabalan. Join us in this article to know more about Iran’s highest peaks:

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Damavand, The highest point in Iran

The highest mountain in Iran is Mount Damavand. Its peak rises to 5670 meter – the highest point in Iran. At the peak the temperature is always lower than 0 ºC, it is also covered in snow and during the winter the temperature decrease to -60ºC. Mount Damavand is also known by several names in Persian such as ‘’Div-e Sepid’’ which means the white beast. Damavand has four main climbing routes. The Northern is relatively more difficult than the others. The best time to reach Damavand peak in June and July and other times of the year it can be very dangerous to climb. storms, snow and snowstorms make it almost impossible to climb in other seasons. On the south side, at a height of 5100 meters, there is a waterfall that is frozen all year long except for summer, which is why it is known as the ice waterfall.

Alam Kuh, exciting climbing

After Damavand, Iran’s highest peak is Alam Kuh. As a part of Alborz, its located near Kelardasht, Mazandaran province. This mountain differs from other mountains in Iran, this mountain known as the Iranian Alps. It has a granite wall that is the most technical and difficult to climb.

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Its 800m steep granite of the northern face provides some of the most difficult but amazing mountaineering routes in Iran. Elevated glaciers up to 400 meters in height on the granite walls create spectacular scenery. Alam Kuh is one of the most favourite mountains for climbers from Russia, England, Italy, Germany and many other countries. The best time to climb the summit in summer.


Sabalan, a volcanic paradise

Sabalan is an inactive stratovolcano mountain in Ardabil province.  It is the third highest mountain in Iran with 4811 m height. There is a permanent crater lake on top of the mountain. All-time of the year it’s covered in snow. But the mountain is well known not only for its height but for its numerous hot springs and Alvars ski resort. Sabalan slopes are one of the best pastures of Iran for its fertile soil. Plants such as barberry, garlic, lily, clove, rose, rhubarb, and tulip grow on the slopes of Sabalan.

There three main routes to get the peak in Sabalan. the route most climbers prefer is the Northeast face. There is a road from northern face to shelter, the tourist and climbers derived via this road to reach the shelter and then continue their way. This part of the mountain is quite equipped with enough facilities, especially for unprofessional climbers.

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