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Local routes

In terms of transportation, Iran is one of the developed countries in the Middle East. Most of the country’s main axes, especially the Iranian tourism axis, is equipped with advanced airline, rail and VIP buses. But local routes -the routes between big cities to small cities and villages- are one of the important transport issue in Iran. Miniyatour Travel Company offers an independent and certified private/group transport services for local routes in Iran.

One of the easiest ways to move from one city to another is to use Iranian domestic flights that will get you to your destination as quickly as possible. The most popular airlines in Iran starts from Tehran to Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd. Other routs like Shiraz – Mashhad, Isfahan – Mashhad and Shiraz – Isfahan served properly for tourism. Rail transport is more or less the same, but the busiest route is Iran’s main railroad that covers Tehran-Yazd-Bandar Abbas. VIP bus transportation is also available in all major cities of Iran.

For a foreign tourist the possibility of traveling between large cities to the villages and local areas associated with tourism is very essential. Since most of these routes have their own way of transport, it is advisable to use private-transport in this regard, especially because in this way your comfort, security, reasonable price and reasonable speed are guaranteed. On the other hand, the drivers can also be driver-guides whose job are approved by the Tourism Organization of Iran. In this routes different vehicles are available like taxis, buses, minibuses, caravan and tourist van.

 The best way to use this type of inter-city travel service – to local areas is to coordinate with Iranian tourism companies. Miniyatour, as one of the most advanced Iranian travel companies in Yazd, offers the best international, inter-city and inter-city – local travel services.

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Transportation in Iran


Iran has about 320 airports more than 85 of them are public airports that offer have daily scheduled passenger services. The Iranian Domestic Airports operate domestic flights but some of them are well-developed to operate international flights when necessary. The Iranian International Airports are listed in the International AIP Book, featuring advance services such as passport control, visa application, passenger’s facilities, medical services, hotels and shuttles.


Using railway is one of the best method to travel because you can enjoy the time you spends to get your destination by seeing scenery from windows.

Iran currently has about 14500 kilometers standard rail network that connected south to north and east to the west of this vast country. Iran is the most advanced West Asian country in the development of rail transport. The trains ranging from different classes such as five stars to the regular. They are Inter-city trains, High Speed trains and Short and Long distance trains.


Ground way

Ground way in Iran is used by different kind of VIP and regular vehicles like private-cars, shared taxis, buses, minibuses and metro. The routes served as inter-city and intra-city transport networks. There are taxi stations and terminal to manage all your transport issues. But the best way is to use a travel agency services because they provide you with the best options.

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Miniyatour Free Walking Tour

The Miniyatour Travel Company organize free walking tours in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan and Yazd. This type of walking tour takes place along the city’s historic and cultural paths, for example in a historic area where most of the popular tourist spots are located. Miniyatour free walking tours are designed with a distinct plan includes starting points, places to visit, specific timetable, extra plans and end points. These tours are often conducted by professional guides who are eager to develop sustainable tourism and support local businesses, local culture and traditions. They named their selves the cultural ambassadors. The walking tours will be managed in a manner that is funny and educational and served as a prelude to larger tours. The Miniyatour walking tours are well organized and perfectly introduce the main touristic cities of Iran.

Unless these kind of tours are free of charge but like other walking tours all over the world, as a matter of routine, don’t forget to tip your guides!


As an experienced traveller or amateur, the first issue you should consider is booking accommodation. You must have developed your researches based on your traveling method, budget, the destination, facilities and personal interests. Some good properties have no pages on international booking websites.

Because of trade sanction there are some problem to book your accommodation unit through usual online services, but there are other ways to ensure your stay in Iran for more information visit this link……..

There is a variety of accommodation units in Iran from luxury 5-star hotels to hustles and budget eco-lodges. Iranian hotels depending on their class offer world-class services. So if you are traveling to Iran, you can see even two-star hotels have acceptable service. The online choices are very limited so you need a travel agent to manage everything for you. Our staff are 24-hours online to help in this process. You can book your hotel through Miniyatour booking service and make sure to face no problem after arrival to Iran.

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