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Due to the great history and magnificent nature, Iran could be the best tourism destination for those who are excited to experience a memorable and delightful trip. At every corner the country, there are many historical sites, breathtaking scenery, exhilarated nature, activities and adventures waiting to make sure you gain what you want. Iran is the land of beauty, happiness and honour. A place where magic and reality are intertwined. So, Don’t miss the chance to visit Iran on your next holiday.

Be ready to pack up and let yourself go free! Get the most out of your travel in Iran. Follow our skilful and licensed tour guides. We will arrange you the worth remembering experiences and activities to obtain the best feeling of travelling in a very particular country.

Get a lot of your travel in Iran! We will organize the best tours for you to visit the historical sites and natural attractions. Let’s enjoy the time you spend in this country, follow our licensed tour guide, meanwhile, you collect the finest information in your mind.

Top Most Excited Places in Persia, you should not miss visiting them.

Here are our Top Suggestions to visit in Iran.

Miniyatour, the Iranian comprehensive travel company specializes in providing customized tour service for the travellers who expect to visit Iran in the best possible way. Iran is one of the most important civilization bases in the ancient world with specific geography worthy of travelling, so that we offer a flexible approach to organise the best Iran tour packages.

Miniyatour licensed by the Iranian Ministry of Tourism, offers a full suite of services to meet your benefits. We manage all aspects of your travel in Iran including, Iranian visa application, ticket, accommodation service, transport, tour guide, individual and group tours, all made to order. Miniyatour offers you a wide range of choices, our software and services are also available based upon your needs in our site. Our vision is to provide higher-level services for our clients; Our prices are guaranteed and based on your budget.

Tailor-made tours

We offer a wide range of scheduled tour, one of our best jobs is the tailor-made tours, that are managed based upon your needs, considering convenience, budget and safety. Join our tour to achieve what you expect of a delightful trip to Iran.

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Without exaggeration the Iranians have a legendary reputation in hospitality. Persian style in this beautiful and historic country is a criterion for those who are obsessed with their experience in a journey.

Miniyatour offers unique tours towards the magnificent cities of Iran, such as Isfahan, the blue pearl of Persia; Pasargadae and Persepolis, two cultural capitals of great Achaemenids and developed archaeological centres to study the history of Near East; Yazd, the second historical city registered on UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage for its Zoroastrian monuments, local productions, handicrafts and its high quality confectionery.

Iran Tour Package offered by Miniyatour provide you with the opportunity to visit Iran and its spectacular nature and culture. Iran tours are a collection of some exclusive handpicked excursions.

Iran tour covers six distinct categories: Iran Daily Tour, Iranian Culture, Iran Nature-Ecological Amenities, Iranian Festivals and Religious Events in Iran.

We will arrange the tours based on your requirements, by considering your interest, budget, satisfaction and convenience. Our licensed guides are quite fluent in your language and the cultural or natural aspects of Iran.


Iran Culture Tour

Iran Culture Tour accompanies with Miniyatour’s local, licensed and bilingual guide in 2019 and 2019.

Iran is the home of ethnic groups with different culture and style spreading through this vast country and made it one of the best destinations for cultural tourism. Iranian culture is full of unique elements in art, architecture, religion, social events, ceremonies, costumes and attitudes but it draws some inspiration from Islamic, Chinese and Western classic cultures. Each city and every corner has its spectacular costume and cultural aspects creating a cluster diversity that cannot be easily found in other country.

The pure culture of Iran is a combination of the original inhabitants of Iranian pleated and the Aryan immigrates who established the first Iranian empires like median, Achaemenian, Parthian and Sasanian. But after Islamic conquer some order from this religion led Iranian art into a new way an in contrary the Iranian art had a large influence in Islamic art and architecture.

When you decide to visit Iran, you will face a lot of questions for example, what cities are worthy to visit? When is the best time to visit Iran? What do I need to book an Iranian tour? Here in Miniyatour, our professional staff are ready to answer all of your questions about travelling to Iran. We will manage all aspects of your travel in the best possible way. So, make up your mind and get ready to visit this beautiful country with the warmest people of the world to experience the Iranian hospitality.


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Iran Luxury Tours

Are you ready to experience splendid Beauty and Mesmerizing Culture in a four-season country?

Stay with Miniyatour to discover the wonderful Persia, the ancient country with an original culture. Enjoy the extraordinary moments you are going to have in this country where the deserts, green forest, blue seas, glories highlands and historical cities merge together.

The great Persian culture accompanied by different ethnic groups and their original culture made an amazing situation for those who are interested to spend a few marvellous days in Iran when they have a chance to join Miniyatour’s Luxury Tours and experience the high level of comfort and services in the most pleasant atmospheres.

In these all-inclusive journey you will enjoy visiting diverting landscapes, cultures and heritage sites in the most important touristic city of Iran, such as:

Isfahan, the blue pearl of Persia and historic capital of great Safavids.

Pasargadae and Persepolis, the world heritages sites reminding the glorious age of the Achaemenids.

Yazd, the most important centre of Zoroastrianism registered on UNESCO’s world heritage list because of its desert’s adapted architectural system.

Kerman the home of Arg-e Bam and the best destination to taste the wonders of Persian cuisine where local products and foods offered everywhere.

It doesn’t matter when you decide to visit Iran, here in Miniyatour we are ready to manage your Iranian Luxury tour in the most comfortable and innovative way.

The Most Creative Iran Desert Tours

Why Iran is the best destination to experience desert tour?

Iran this four-season country is the land of divertive wildlife and natural phenomena. As long as you are passing the country, you will see different landscapes including green pastures, astonishing deserts, dense forest and blue seas. But its deserts are the destinations for people who settled in these areas and adapted to condition for thousands of years. This choice made a splendid culture that today, we named it ‘’Iranian desert culture’’ which is quite different from other desert cultures of the world. Here you are going to spend a great time in the best oasis of the world, visiting the night sky covered with twinkle stars, taste the desert delicious products and obtain all the information that comes from just walking around in these areas

In this Iran desert tour you will explore some of the most remote areas of this fascinating landscape from the sand dunes of Lut desert to the dramatic Kalouts of the Shahdad.

A professional natural guide who is expert in Iranian culture will accompany you during this tour to create the best atmosphere for you to enjoy discovering the desert’s mysteries, beauties and finding the peace and silence there. Get ready to join our Iran desert tours.


Nomads of Iran are divided into great ethnic groups of Lur, Turk, kurd and Arabs. They come from famous tribes and change their settlement along with natural changes in weather. Nomadic lifestyle is called Kouch Neshini in Iran, their economy is based on pastoralism and local products like heavy textiles, handicrafts and metal works.

Nomads move to Yeylagh (cooler countryside) in summer and back to Gheshlagh (warmer areas) in winter.  Iran’s Nomadic tour is arranged to get the opportunity to visitors to accompany tribes and families during this movement and use the benefits of this original life style. Iran nomad tours are an exciting program, allows the travellers to learn about the culture of Nomads and experience their life, exactly thuer social relations, how they put up their tents, cook their food, their herding method and the instruction they follow to be adapted to the environment.

Tailor-Made Iran Tour

Tailor-Made Iran Tour refers to customized Iran tour that will be arranged based on your requirements.  Miniyatour will give you the chance to design your own tours towards Iran from every country and every nation you are. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in group touring or single traveling in Miniyatour’s Iran Tailor-Made tours we consider all of your needs covering booking, accommodation, transport, driver and guide based on the suggested budget from you. We also offer an exclusive Iran tour packages and our professional staff are 24-hours ready to help you with. For us your convenience and safety are the most important part of your journey.  Join our tour to achieve what you expect of a delightful trip to Iran.

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