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Tehran Metro Guidance

Tehran as the capital of Iran has a large population amongst the Iranian cities but the public transformation is perfectly developed in this city. So that knowing some tips about Tehran underground railway system (Metro). Unlike other Iranian cities, the Tehran metro has many sub-line routes, only a tiny mistake can lead to a great deal of wasted time. To know enough tips on Tehran Metro help you to have an easy, comfortable, chip trip in Tehran.

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Tehran metro map and routes

Currently, Tehran Metro has a total of 5 main route and two sub-line routes to Mehrabad and International Airport of Tehran. Each route leads you to one of the main areas of Tehran and has its specific colour.  After your arrival at Tehran, you can take the metro from IKA and Mehrabad to every part of Tehran but maybe you need to change your line in some station.

Metro electronic ticket-card

It’s possible to pay for the metro by Electronic Card, which is a kind stored value cards named ‘’Kart-e Shahrvandi’’, you can pay the bus (BRT) and taxi-metro by these cards. It cost about IR 50.000 and you can charge it by cash or credit cards. There is also another electric-card with 60% discount. The costs are calculated according to the area and distance of travel in kilometre and are rechargeable.


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