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The most popular natural attractions of western Iran for summer travel

The plateau of Iran and its internal plains gifted the country an authentic and beautiful nature. The spectacular sights of western Iran are considerable in numbers, especially as Iran is known for having all four seasons so you can find many attractions in every corner of the country. West of Iran, more than any other areas, has the potential to become an attractive summer travel destination for its mountains, forests and pastures. it is a pleasant destination to escape the heat of summer. We now intend to offer you some of the fascinating places you can choose as a summer travel destination in the western provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan Kermanshah, Kurdistan.

  • Kermanshah

Kermanshah province located in the west of Iran and shares a border with Iraq. This province is a unique collection of natural attractions and historical monuments, from prehistory to the twentieth century. Here is a list of historical spots in Kermanshah namely, Bisotun (UWHS), Taq-e Bostan, Anahita Temple, Tekyeh Moaven al-Molk and Takayeh Biglar Beigi, but the area has many natural attractions worth to see and spend a delightful time there. Do not miss visiting its springs, waterfalls, villages and green highlands.

  • East Azerbaijan

East Azerbaijan province, with its unique natural attractions and rich historical background, is one of the destinations attract Iran tourists especially in the warm seasons of the year.

1- El-Goli

El-Goli or Shah Guli is the name of a vast garden in Tabriz, it is also known as the El Goli Square. The complex includes a historical Persian style pavilion surrounded by a lake and walking areas like pavements and tree-lined streets. Two beautiful stairways connecting the pavements to the top of the hill. The history of the building goes back to the Kara Koyunlu (1374- 1468) when they chose Tabriz as their capital. There are numerous restaurants, fast food, coffee shops and hotels made it an active tourism spot.

2- Kandovan rocky village

Kandovan is a historical village in Sahand rural district, East Azerbaijan of Iran. The village is world-wide known for its extraordinary architecture, including the man-made dwelling carved in volcanic cliffs. To its geographical position, the village has a very clean and delightful atmosphere during Spring and Summer.

3- Arasbaran Forest

Arasbaran forests refer to the northwestern forests of Iran in a region confined as the Aras river. This ancient forests annually attracts many tourists from all around the world. This forest is one of the most important sights of western Iran which is located in the north of East Azerbaijan province. There are many attractions in this area including Babak fortress, Toumasiash fortress and Narini Church. UNESCO has registered 72,460 hectares of Arasbaran forests as a biosphere reserve.

4- Asiab Kharabe Waterfall

Located in 150 km far from Tabriz alongside the Aras river, this waterfall is one the popular tourist attraction in the west of Iran. Kharabe in Persian means ruined; the name of the waterfall comes from a ruined structure nearby.

  • Western Azerbaijan

Another spectacular natural sight of western Iran located in West Azerbaijan province of Iran, with 4000 years of civilization and beautiful nature has been chosen by many travellers as their summer destination. Urmia, Takab, Maku and Khoi are the west Azerbaijan cities with most historical and natural sights.

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1- Lake Urmia

Although the lake suffers from drought and mismanagement, many tourists still travel to the West Azerbaijan province to see the lake. The lake is saline so during the recent years the blue colour of it changes to pink and orange. This colour is due to the presence of Microscopic aquatic creatures in the lake.

2- Takht-e Soleyman ensemble

the UNESCO world heritage site of Takht-e Soleyman is one of the most important natural and archaeological sites in West of Iran. the site includes the Zoroastrian sanctuary, Sassanid temple and some Ilkhanid structures. But the Artesian lake and volcano also made it as a popular natural destination in western Iran.

  • Kurdistan

The historical province of Kurdistan with its beautiful nature can be an astonishing destination for summer travel. The natural sights of Kurdistan are very beautiful. The breezy weather, the mountainous and green hills tempt the tourists to visit the province.

1- Abidar natural landscape

Abidar is the most important natural spots for the people of Sanandaj. This complex is located on a hillside of the same name. You can visit several spring, gardens, zoos and parks. Above this area is a beautiful view of the city of Sanandaj.

2- Lake Zarivar

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran is Zarivar Lake is near the city of Marivan. This lake filled with rainwater and springs. That’s why people believe that this lake is mysterious. It’s mostly chosen as a summer destination in winter, when the surface freezes, a more spectacular view of the lake can be seen.

3- Palangan, the stair village

It is an authentic village near the Kamyaran, Kurdistan, Iran. Palangan architecture is quite unique. The buildings have been built on the mountain slopes. The houses are interconnected exactly in this way that the roof of a house served as the front yard for the upper house. This historical village is the best example of Persian architecture in cold area.

4- Karaftu cave

Located about 70 kilometers from Divandare, Kurdistan, there is an ensemble of man-made and natural caves exactly rocky chambers, may be used as the temple of worshipping Mithra or Anahita. There is a very important Greek inscription dates back to Seleucids in this cave.

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